Conception, architecture and organization of "large scale" meetings

Connections in real life

  • How should you shape important changes while ensuring the support of those who are affected?
  • How to effectively use each individual’s unique knowledge and experience when everyone has different opinions about a region’s common challenges?
  • How can you wisely define the strategic choices for innovation in a large company?
  • How can you share everyone’s know-how and achievements in a decentralized international environment?
  • How can you share responsibilities better and encourage initiatives to develop?

For several decades, new forms of meetings have been developing – transforming relationships between participants, generating mutual understanding, openness, curiousity, creativity, …World Café, Open Space Technology, Six Thinking Hats…

Convergences helps you design and then successfully manage the implementation of “large scale” meetings in the form and condition best suited to your particular situation and culture.

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