Supporting the adoption of an "enterprise social network"

Connections in a virtual world

For more than five years, Convergences has been helping large and smaller organisations set up enterprise social networks. These collaborative platforms help in many ways to improve the performance of teams and communities of practices and projects, by facilitating:

  • more fluid sharing of documents and knowledge between teams, both internally and with outside parties;
  • capitalization of this knowledge and informal exchanges;
  • decrease of email volume;
  • support for innovation (strategic and competitive monitoring, management of idea flow, specific spaces for the development of ideas and projects);
  • rationalization of communications;
  • reduction of meetings and travel;
  • acceleration in the identification of experts and colleagues within the organization;
  • strengthening of team spirit;
  • facilitation of teleworking.

Concretely, our consultants provide the experience and support required to:

  • clarify your network or “communities” project (objectives, context, conditions for success, possible roadblocks, targets to consider, etc.);
  • define the right network or communities deployment strategy;
  • develop the approach for deployment of the technology in your organisation to support these networks and communities:
    • think big but act progressively
    • choose the most appropriate communities to ensure a successful launch
    • clarify the objectives for each community
    • integrate any cultural, technical or organizational issues
    • identify the individuals and groups involved and their current interactions… and then those interactions you want to develop
    • determine the potential benefits for users
    • define the process of their progressive involvement to encourage a real community spirit and a sustainable contribution to the vitality of the community
    • identify behaviour which should be encouraged, modified or avoided …and what has to be done to achieve it;
  • define and assure the communication required for the introduction and progressive development of the platform;
  • provide training, workshops and support adapted to the various roles and situations (project managers, community managers, teams, users, etc.);
  • follow the evolution of the network and communities deployment with performance indicators.
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