Because smarter connections can make the difference

Two major phenomena are impacting our society and the organisations of which it is composed: the acceleration of change and the increasing complexity of an interconnected economy. A recent study by IBM (CEO Study 2012) recommends a clear direction to meet these challenges: “Leading through connections”. Connections which encourage collaboration, communication and creativity, thereby contributing to the development of collective intelligence and the resilience of our organisations.

Convergences helps develop the emergence and fertilization of connections in three principal areas:

  • Connections in the virtual world, by supporting the adoption of “corporate social networks” aimed at: 
    • raising the efficiency of collaboration;
    • developing new capacities of innovation, decision-making and transformation;
    • improving the fluidity of knowledge and formal and informal communication beyond silos in a wider partnership ecosystem.
  • Connections in real life, through a programme of meetings created and managed “differently”. These interactions help to:
    • widen participants’ field of vision on the complex questions that confront them;
    • encourage the emergence of radical new solutions and a culture open to change and to others;
    • create a platform for permanent learning, disruptive creativity and shared leadership.
  • Connections via the senses, through the conception and implementation of pertinent communication plans based on a meaningful purpose and coherent values in order to build dynamic, durable and mutually beneficial relationships with all parties involved.

The convergence of these three types of connection enable us to create and implement original and effective action programmes for multinational companies and local public and private entities of all sizes.

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