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blueKiwi social networking software is ready built to meet your specific needs around multiple business functions. What these solutions have in common is the requirement for secure and scalable support of diverse conversations and actions across multiple stakeholders in order to spur innovation and business performance improvements.

This includes open engagement and enterprise collaboration among your internal teams; the ability to nurture and grow your external customer and partner communities; and the integration of broader social media into your daily business workflow. blueKiwi goes even further enabling your organization to build targeted solutions that deliver superior business results in multiple domains.

blueKiwi social networking software solutions


Your marketing teams are frequently one of the primary drivers of innovation as they need to capture and assimilate product, market, customer and competitive intelligence into current marketing programs and future product plans. blueKiwi helps your marketing teams unlock ideas and accelerate innovation with open engagement, online collaboration and interaction between employees, partners, customers and social media influencers.

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As revenue drivers for the organization, your sales teams need support from most other departments or business units in order to effectively win new business and better deliver customer value. blueKiwi’s solution for Sales organizations enables quick and easy access to the right internal experts and to the most relevant experiences to win. It also provides the perfect platform to nurture customer relationships – all in one solution.

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Channel Management

Channel partners are an extension to the business structure of any organization and need close exchange and interaction to become more productive revenue generators. blueKiwi’s social networking software helps ensure alignment, training and collaboration among remote channel partner teams and your enterprise, improving information flow and knowledge exchange that directly translate into business growth.

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Human Resources

As the enterprise workforce gets more accustomed to social media applications in their personal life, your human resources organization can now leverage enterprise social software to accelerate employee on boarding, satisfaction and loyalty, and better uncover talent and expertise. blueKiwi enables your HR teams to facilitate interaction and participation of all employees as corporate citizens, assist and coach recruits beyond one-off training sessions, and identify and promote talent.

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Today’s business growth is fueled by innovation, not just in products and services but in any domain that contributes to the top or bottom line or increases customer, partner or employee satisfaction as well. People and their ideas germinated through business social conversations are frequently at the center of innovation.

blueKiwi provides a simple yet powerful idea-creation platform. It gives a voice to everyone to express and debate ideas, and sort out the most promising ones in an effective manner. It then enables the rapid incubation of selected ideas through the formation of dedicated teams and the industrialization of the best ones in a fraction of the time and cost.

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Enterprise Collaboration

Business moves faster when information can flow freely and best practices are shared openly across traditional communication boundaries, departments, or organizational hierarchies. blueKiwi energizes business process execution by enabling employees collaboration via many-to-many interactions, regardless of time zone and geography.

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Are there other ways to use blueKiwi?

blueKiwi is also used by organizations where community conversations are important to business results. These include private and not-for-profit associations, special interest groups and government. For more information on our solutions please contact us here.

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